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About Tiny Teams

Trying to find sports figurine toys that you can actually play with in the Australian Market were more or less non-existent, therefore we developed our signature product Tiny Teams Aussie Rules Footy Action Figures which is dedicated to creating fun and more importantly encourage kids to use their imagination by playing out there favourite sports. We have now extended our Tiny Teams range to include Basketball and our first officially licensed product Socceroos Tiny Teams. Also, in conjunction with Kaskey Kids USA we have Baseball and Gridiron available.

Our own Aussie Rules Tiny Teams league is very unique being made up of 8 fantasy teams with their own colours, logos and history. Each player is fully posable designed to be as real life as possible - each player can hold a ball. Tiny Teams Aussie Rules are sold as separate teams & a separately sold playing field, with goalposts and umpires. You can now purchase 2 teams of your choice plus the oval set for a discounted price.

Kids can develop rivalries between friends’ favourite teams, create leagues among friends, and swap players. Tiny Teams are very affordable so kids can own multiple sets to create their own.

At Tonz Sportz we believe that old fashioned fun that the whole family can play is the best way to get kids to use their imagination and engage with the family unit. If you’re worried about your kids playing too many computer games, watching too much TV, or just not using their imagination enough, then Tiny Teams is a great way to bring some old fashioned fun back into their lives! WE HAVE NOW INTRODUCED OTHER SPORTS PRODUCTS WHICH WE HAVE CAREFULLY CHOSE TO ENSURE THEY MEET WITH THE TINY TEAMS THEME.

Tonz Sportz is a member of the Australian Toy Association.